About Me

Hi! I'm a software developer and student, currently studying mathematics and computer science at Rutgers University. I've been programming for over 5 years, from low level C to large web applications.

My goal in life is to work as a software engineer at an organization that is improving the world on a grand scale.

My hobbies include reading old science fiction novels, programming free and open source software, bodybuilding, and trying to game on linux.


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Off the Beaten Path Spring 2019
Personalized geocaching. Rewrite of previous project by same name with more features and hosting.
Flask Swagger SQLite Angular.io Material Leaflet Docker

AITA Stats Spring 2019
Actively parses posts from /r/AmItheAsshole and analyzes the data in order to identify if Reddit truly is the asshole.
Flask SQLite Celery PRAW Bulma Docker

Factions Spring 2019
Lead your faction to victory through diplomacy, intrigue, and war.
Contributor Flask Swagger MySQL Angular.io Material Docker

TV Sleep Spring 2019
Brings the missing "sleep" function of television sets to your computer. In other words, it puts the computer to sleep after a delay. Perfect for late night Netflix or Twitch sessions.
Python Tkinter

Project Loopifi Fall 2018
Finds and exports smooth-looping segments within a YouTube video.
Contributor Flask MySQL RQ2 youtube-dl ffmpeg Bulma Docker

Scarlet Studies Summer 2018
A custom forum software for university. Communicate with other students in your courses, manage deadlines, and work collaboratively to achieve academic success.
Flask MySQL Angular.io Redux Bootstrap Docker

Ancient Beast Summer 2018
Browser-based, multiplayer tactical chess-like game.
Contributor jQuery Phaser

FileBin Spring 2018
Still using email to send small files quickly between your phone(s) and computer(s)? Fret no more!
Flask Bulma Docker

HearthSoundBoard Fall 2017
For spamming "How long can this go on?"

Graffiti Over Summer, Fall 2017
Snapchat, but re-imagined for the web. Graffiti over websites and share with your friends.
Contributor Browser Extension Angular Bootstrap ExpressJs MySQL

Reppy Summer, Fall 2017
Consolidated reputation management and survey platform.
Contributor Angular Bootstrap Redux

Off the Beaten Path Spring 2017
Dynamic geocaching for the digital age.
Flask MySQL Angular Bootstrap

StreamChain Winter 2017
Hackathon project. Stream videos to the blockchain.
Contributor Flask nginx IPFS MongoDB

Disaster Accountability Project 2016-2017
Bring accountability to disaster aid relief organizations.
Contributor Angular Materialize.css MySQL

Draft With Me Summer 2016
Live stream your HearthStone arena drafts to your friends and the public.
Flask Tkinter

Wanderer Spring 2016
Totally configurable adventure game.
Pygame ECS

Infinite Paths Spring 2015
Tower defense game in which you can create your own maps to play and share.
Java libgdx